April 24, 2020

Can CBD Help With Your Pet’s Health?

CBD For Pets

If you’re a loving pet owner, you may have noticed that our furry friends can be just as prone to stress, anxiety, and other health problems as we are. Our pets cannot always communicate to us when something is wrong, which is why it can be challenging to get them the care they need. It can also be difficult to watch them suffer, especially if you and your pet have had to deal with the nasty side-effects that medication can have. But that’s where CBD comes in! There is still plenty of research that needs to be done on CBD, but current studies show that CBD can be a helpful aid in our pet’s health journey. Although it is not a cure, CBD has had similar effects on pets that it does on humans thanks to the similarities in our endocannabinoid system. Studies have shown positive progress in helping with joint pains, as well as symptoms of onset arthritis and seizures, which means these same benefits can also be loosely applied to our beloved animals.

You may be thinking to yourself, “Is CBD safe for my dog or cat?” The answer is, yes! In lower doses, CBD is 100% safe for pets, and there should be no need to worry about your pets experiencing any psychoactive effects. CBD contains less than 0.3% THC, meaning that there is no chance of your dog getting high. If you are still not convinced, many products offer broad-spectrum or THC-free formulas in their CBD pet products.

CBD Pet Products

Pet Releaf, for example, offers an entirely THC-free formula for their Edibites Soft Chew Supplements. These soft chews are grain-free and come in flavors like sweet potato to make it a tasty treat that dogs will love.

Another excellent option for pets is CBD oil tinctures. Brands like cbdMD offer formulas for both dogs, cats, and even horses! Tinctures work by being placed under the tongue of your pet for the CBD to be absorbed sublingually. The blood vessels under the tongue are an excellent way for your animals to begin feeling the benefits of your CBD product quickly. CBD oil can help your pet’s overall health as well as support both their mobility and joint health. CbdMD also offers a variety of other options in their CBD pet line of products, including soft chews, infused peanut butter, and topical relief with balms.

CBD Balms and salves are used for achy joints and muscles, which can often affect our furry friends as they begin to age. Stiff joints even can make it hard for our pets to get up in the morning to eat or to go outside to relieve themselves. CBD infused pet balms can be massaged gently into the skin and help reduce inflammation as well as stiff joints.

We know you would do anything to help your pet, and now it’s easier than ever with so many CBD options available. Whether they need a little support in their old age or just an anxious pup, CBD can help your fuzzy friend’s everyday wellness and let them live their best life by your side.

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